Stone Gossard
Eddie Vedder, Layne Staley, and Anthony Kiedis are my gods. Chaos, filth, lust, greed and destruction are my passions.

i feeel really bad because i have a lot of followers who are pearl jam/alice in chains/rhcp/etc blogs and they prob follow me bc i post that stuff but then all of a sudden i reblog a bunch of serial killer and mass murderer stuff and theyre prob like wtf i didnt sign up for this im so soryr y

I'm a little late but it's pronounced Par-row not parrot, like the bird.
- Anonymous

Ive heard people pronounce it both ways, I just always said it like parrot, but thanks!


How was she an icon? Did she make music herself?
- Anonymous

No, but she was huge into fashion and poetry. She was friends with many people and she was known for her caring personality. She was an aspiring model :)


This is the cutest picture I’ve seen

stone bby u look beautiful

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